1st VRUITS interest group workshop on ITS for the safety of vulnerable road users

The  European project VRUITS, co-funded by the European Commission (DG MOVE), aims at providing recommendations regarding Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) applications for the improvement of the safety and mobility for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs such as pedestrians, cyclists, PTWs, special user groups, elder drivers).

VRUITS will assess the societal impact of selected ITS applications and provide recommendations for policy and industry regarding ITS in order to improve the safety and mobility of VRUs.

The first interest group workshop will  be organised jointly with the iMobility Forum Vulnerable road users working group. Its main aim will be to discuss:

- the identification of the main critical scenarios;

- the needs of vulnerable road users;

- the most promising ITS applications to increase VRUs safety on the road.

During the workshop, participants will gain a better knowledge of the needs of VRUs, and on the possible applications which may improve the safety and mobility of VRUs.

The planned outcome of the workshop is a list of ITS applications, which will be assessed in more detail during the project lifetime.

You can find more information about VRUITS,  consult the agenda of the workshop and register here:

For further information, please contact Sylvain Haon at