Land van Cuijk

The Land van Cuijk is a municipality in the southeastern part of the Netherlands, comprising the municipalities of Boxmeer, Cuijk, Grave, Mill en Sint Hubert, and Sint Anthonis. As of 2022, the region has a combined population of approximately 90 thousand people. It is bordered by Wijchen and Heumen to the north, Mook en Middelaar, Gennep, and Bergen (Limburg) to the east, Venray to the south, and Oss, Maashorst, Boekel, and Gemert-Bakel to the west. The area consists of 33 main population centres, each contributing to the region's cultural diversity and economic vitality.

In recent years, the Land van Cuijk has prioritised sustainable mobility as part of its development strategy. Significant efforts have been made to expand the network of bicycle paths, enhance public transportation services, and promote the use of electric vehicles. These initiatives are designed to reduce environmental impact, improve air quality, and provide residents with efficient and eco-friendly transportation options.