Heraklion, boasting a population of around 175,000 people, stands as the largest urban center in Crete. It serves as the capital of the region and acts as the economic hub of the entire island. The town's allure stems from a dynamic blend of natural beauty, a favorable climate, strategic positioning, rich cultural heritage, and a strong scientific foundation. This unique amalgamation has fostered an environment conducive to supporting a specific mechanism aimed at adding value to the broader entrepreneurial activities within the region, thereby stimulating the local economy.

Today, Heraklion is a premier choice for tourists in the Mediterranean, owed to its strategic geopolitical location that connects three continents and diverse cultures. Additionally, the city functions as the commercial and scientific nucleus of the island. Unlike the past, where the city center was congested with cars, it now features spacious areas devoid of traffic. Walking through Heraklion offers a serene experience in one of the most historically and socially captivating cities along the Mediterranean, with streets free from the noise and haste of traffic. The city has transformed in various ways, making it a place ripe for discovery.

These transformations have also brought about a harmonious blend between the traditionally warm and considerate people of Heraklion, the impressive architecture that surrounds the city, and the open public spaces offering views of the ocean. Numerous landmarks narrate the tale of a city and an island that witnessed the birth of gods, rebellion, and remains an inspiration for those who embrace the spirit of Crete.

Present-day Heraklion finds itself navigating the swift currents of regeneration while harboring a deep-seated desire to maintain connections with its past. These dual strands define the city's character, with the last century witnessing significant changes reflected in its buildings and streets, indicative of Crete's evolving fortunes. The "old town" areas, rooted in medieval times, now beckon visitors to embark on fantastic walks through the heart of the city.