The City of Borås is a municipality located in the western part of Sweden. As an urban center, the city strives to be at the forefront of sustainable urban development and has set ambitious goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency.

The municipality of Borås is a growing, diverse, and ambitious municipality. Borås is the largest city of the seven local council districts in the Province of Borås Region with more than 114,000 inhabitants, and home ta one of the biggest economies in the west Sweden.

With 65,000 jobs and almost 13,000 companies, Borås is vitally important for the competitive position of West Sweden. The unique chain collaboration between horticulture producers, suppliers of horticulture technol­ogy, the auctions, traders and logistics form the strength of Borås and the west Sweden.


The mu­nicipality and region has numerous leading international businesses which are at the forefront of sustainability, and which focus an innovation. The innovations and technologies that have been developed by Borås businesses are also used worldwide.

Many people in the region travel to and from the municipality of Borås every day. However, they do not currently have a robust public transport link, prompting higher volumes of car traffic. To improve the connection between the various local council districts, they want to develop the infrastructure. The municipality of Borås is aiming to develop the train connec­tions to and from Gothenburg. The link will be faster, more efficient and sustainable. In this way, a rapid, sustainable, and high-quality public transport link can be developed that makes the west side of the region easily accessible.

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Boras, photo credit: Jacob Sjöman