24/04/2020 Online

WRI: Build Back Better -- Public Transport and COVID-19 Recovery

Public transport is experiencing enormous and immediate challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, as ridership plunges. But public transport is also serving a crucial role in connecting health care workers and other essential workers to their jobs. The crisis has revealed, whether you are a rider or not, just how much society relies on public transport.

How do governments best create jobs to boost economic recovery? How do we ensure the long-term health of public transport? What’s the best way to address financial, operational and perception challenges?

As governments consider economic stimulus and how to reboot urban economies, now is the time to consider opportunities for investment in public transport as a key part of the solution. Public transport provides jobs (and access to jobs), helps create safer streets, and can reduce carbon emissions, among other benefits to society.

WRI Ross Center will bring experienced experts to discuss potential investments for countries and cities in this webinar. This will be the first of a continued discussion on the role of sustainable transport in economic recovery around the world.

Featured Speakers

  • Sergio Avelleda, Director, Urban Mobility, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Maruxa Cardama, Secretary General, SLoCaT (Partnership for Sustainable Low-Carbon Transport)
  • Adriana Lobo, Executive Director, WRI Mexico
  • Daizong Liu, Director, WRI China Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
  • Beth Osborne, Director, Transportation for America
  • Moderator: Ben Welle, Director, Integrated Transport & Innovation, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities

The webinar takes place on Friday 24 April at 15:00 CET. You can find out more and register here.