16/04/2020 Online

Webinar: Building resilience in mass-transport for a seamless commute

The world is connected by a range of mobility options, with mass-transportation providing to be vital to the efficient functioning of most cities. However, what happens when there is a shock to the system and these options are taken away? There is a risk that society and the economy come to a standstill. For example, the on-going union strikes in Paris have previously disrupted public transport for 45 days which left many commuters stranded.

The global COVID-19 pandemic had cut off public transport and mass-transportation options almost completely. In South Africa theft of cable can reduce the mass-transportation metro system to a low or no service. These threats to mass-transportation call for an agile approach to create resilient cities powered by smarter mobility.

This webinar from Generation E, sponsored by Zeelo, examines the challenge, assesses solutions working today, and explores innovations to build resilience in mass-transport for a seamless commute.

The webinar takes place on Thursday 16 April at 12:00 CET. Find out more and register here.