06/06/2018 Bordeaux

Urban C-ITS roundtable

The roundtable has three main objectives:

1. to ease the integration of urban nodes into pan-European C-ITS corridors, and promote expansion to

cities and regions;

2. to share lessons learnt by frontrunner cities and road operators, and transfer knowledge of C-ITS’ contribution to policy goals and to improved performance of road transport and urban mobility;

3. to foster discussion about the scaling up of C-ITS services in European cities

The programme will involve contributions from the European Parliament, European Commission (DG MOVE), European Commission (DG MOVE), the C-ROADS Platform and from a variety of cities on their C-ITS experiences. There will also be a live demonstration of C-ITS in Bordeaux as well as an interactive session on urban C-ITS services.

The full programme of both events and online registration will be available soon at c-thedifference.eu.