09/10/2019 Graz, Austria

The infrastructure and traffic management aspects of automated driving

Following the first Inframix workshop in Barcelona, a joint stakeholder workshop is being organised by the H2020 projects INFRAMIX and TransAID 'Infrastructure requirements and traffic control strategies for automated driving'

The workshop will tackle several key topics related to the introduction of automated driving concepts into road traffic, including:

  • the limitations of automated driving;
  • modelling infrastructure-assisted automated driving and simulation findings;
  • traffic control strategies for mixed traffic;
  • IISAD – how can infrastructure support automated driving?

Inframix will offer demonstrations involving the reception of and interaction with C-ITS messages at its Austrian test-site and will provide insights.

The workshop is designed to be very participatory so be prepared to share your thoughts about these subjects and many more! It will also be a valuable opportunity to meet relevant stakeholders and be part of a wide network of experts in the sector.

More information including a draft agenda can be found here.

You can register here.

Representatives of city and regional authorities may be eligible for travel reimbursment.