10/05/2021 Online

POLIS at THE PEP: Reallocating space towards permanent infrastructure for active travel

Join the POLIS event at THE PEP Vienna 2021 – Fifth High-level Ministerial Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment.


Due to COVID-19, cities worldwide have reallocated space to promote active travel. How can this infrastructure become permanent, and what challenges are being faced?

On May 10, 12:30h – 13:45h POLIS Active Travel Working Group will be hosting a webinar exploring how cities can create lasting changes to their mobility services.

The event, “Reallocating space towards permanent infrastructure for active travel” is part of the 5th High-level Ministerial Meeting of the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme. The central element of this year's conference is the adoption of the “Vienna Declaration: Building forward better by transforming to new, clean, safe, healthy and inclusive mobility and transport” and its annexes, in particular the first Pan-European Master Plan for Cycling Promotion.

The session will firstly introduce the topic of space reallocation to promote active travel: why it is necessary and how it can boost active travel. We will have presentations from experts who have recently elaborated studies on this topic.

We will then hear from the practical experience of cities that are reallocating space in favour of active travel and the challenges they are facing in this process. The panel will then discuss about key aspects to make the transition from temporary to permanent, safe & inclusive infrastructure, in order to create more liveable and healthy cities.

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