05/04/2022 Online

UVAR Exchange 2nd Workshop on road signs

Second UVARExchange Stakeholders Workshop 5 April 9:30-12:00

Driver’s groups often complain that LEZ or other UVAR road signs are not easy to understand.

Help us improve them ! We want road signs supporting road users' compliance with regulations.

Only with YOUR inputs, we can define and standardize better road signs: they shall not remain a reason to complain or an excuse not to comply.

The next workshop to take this work to a more concrete, detailed level, with discussions on proposals is on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 9:30-12:00 Please Register with this link.

The Agenda can be found here.

UVAR Exchange is working on this together with the UNECE road sign group. This is a follow-up project on the UVAR Box project, which develops tools to make UVARs digitally available to road users.

POLIS is in charge of stakeholder involvement and communication for the UVAR Box project.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the workshop !