03/04/2020 Online

Intelligent Cities Challenge COVID-19 webinar

To help cities navigate the current crisis and implement appropriate responses, the European Commission’s Intelligent Cities Challenge is launching a wider support package for COVID-19 to facilitate learning and the sharing of best practices on effective city-led interventions from European and global cities.

As a first step, ICC has organised two city-focused interactive webinars to learn, exchange practises and support city administrations. In this event, the pandemic and effective responses will be explored through expert perspectives, best practice city initiatives and open discussion. Topics include responses to health risks, interventions on economic impacts and overall strategies for effective management and preparation.

Join the interactive webinar to learn and share with peer cities on:

  • Effective city-led interventions to protect health and mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID-19;
  • The role of technological solutions;
  • Overall strategies for local government preparation and exit strategies
  • Overview of present and future activities of the European Commission to support local, regional and industrial ecosystems in fighting the COVID-19 crisis

The webinar takes place on 3 April at 16:00 CET. To register, please see here.

An additional webinar will take place soon (date and time TBC).