16/09/2021 Online

Interreg Europe 'Cycling Cities' webinar series are back

Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is back with two new webinars on cycling cities. Launched in January 2021, we continue to explore  the potential of bicycles to shape the zero-emission future of urban mobility in Europe.

Interreg Europe, which offers opportunities for regional and local public authorities across Europe to share ideas and experience on public policy in practice, is going to hold its successful cycling cities webinar in September 2021, for an comprehensive dive in urban cycling opportunities. After focusing on cargo bikes for the last mile on 16 September 2021, we will then continue the discussion on 23 September to assess the costs and benefits of bicycle versus car use. 

Both webinars are meant to showcase inspiring experiences and good practices from the Interreg Europe community, and to provide guidance and recommendations backed by real-life solutions from cities and regions across the continent. This is an opportunity to engage with Interreg Europe’s experts who will answer your questions. 

Interreg Europe is holding distinct different sessions to dive deep into subtopics that raised interest during the first three cycling cities webinars and explain into detail what certain cities and regions are already doing to turn cycling into a core pillar of urban mobility, thereby improving air quality and making sure that transport contributes to climate neutrality.

You can sign up for a single session or both, by sign up for each session: