23/04/2020 Online

Coronavirus and the future of Transport Planning: Fireside Chat

COVID-19 is an unprecedented shock to the global system. It is first and foremost a public health emergency. It is also a shock that has temporarily eclipsed the ongoing climate crisis. It has brought rapid change to a substantial part of the world’s population and already sent shock waves through businesses, public services and livelihoods. In the transport sector we face short- and long-term threats and opportunities that need to be planned for. But what are the pertinent issues we should be considering both in terms of planning itself and also the outcomes we seek or wish to avoid?

This 90-minute panel debate from PTRC Education and Research Services is an opportunity to contribute to examining the reality that now confronts us. Views are rapidly evolving and conclusive answers are elusive but we need to begin such difficult conversations. Collaboration will be our ally in the times ahead.

The intention is to see where the panel conversation leads but the session is framed by the following questions:

  1. What are the short and longer term supply-side and operational challenges facing the transport system (including future capacity provision, workforce availability, contractual obligations and regulations and solvency)?
  2. Are there related opportunities that may present themselves?
  3. Where might the private and public sectors concur and where might they clash in their views on the way forward for the transport sector?
  4. What needs to change now or be further amplified in how we plan for the future?
  5. Could COVID-19 be a shock with unintended positive consequences for addressing the climate crisis?
  6. Our panel will explore such questions and more and we look forward to you joining us with the opportunity for raising your own questions for the panel to respond to

The panel will be chaired by Glenn Lyons (Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at UWE Bristol).

The webinar takes place in Thursday 23 April from 13:30 - 15:00 CET. To find out more and register, see here.