Thinking Cities magazine #11



OpenMove is a suite of software solutions for MaaS designed for users, transport agencies, inspectors and sellers. OpenMove handles ticketing from end to end and helps transport and parking agencies to sell more tickets, to reduce operating costs and optimize their services. The ecosystem is composed of three products:

  • OpenMove WAY, the app for users to plan their trip and purchase tickets autonomously.
  • OpenMove ACT, the app for field personnel to perform sales and inspection.
  • OpenMove ATLAS, the web admin platform for a full control in real-time on the ticketing system. OpenMove is an end-to-end solution that works as-a-Service and does not require setup and configuration, dedicated hardware or any specific technical competences.


The company has public and private customers in Italy, UK, Poland, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium and Qatar. OpenMove currently features 7 transport services in one app and sells more 2.5M of tickets every month. It has been awarded multiple times as best innovation in Italy for Public Administration (eGov at Smay, ForumPA and EGS - Mind the bridge) and has been featured as best practice of re-usage of public data by W3C.


Lorenzo Modena, CEO
Alessandro Sosi, COO
Michele Margoni, CTO
Matteo Nodari, Sales and Marketing
Maddalena Ciaghi, CFO
Amedeo Capuzzo, Full Stack Developer
Federico Bertolini, Full Stack Developer Co-founder & Technical Leader