COVID-19: Keeping Things Moving

London Borough Hounslow announces measures to improve road safety and help social distancing

A range of traffic-management measures are being rolled out across the London Borough of Hounslow to keep pedestrians and cyclists healthy and safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The projects, which will create more space for people to follow social distancing guidelines, include closing some roads, widening pavements, improving cycling routes and introducing more ‘school streets’.

The Council is also launching a public consultation to get ideas from residents on ways they think traffic can be managed better and streets made more pedestrian and cycle friendly.

Measures that will be taken over the next few weeks include:

  • Reducing vehicle access to certain streets
  • Extending bus lane hours
  • Restarting work on measures to improve walking and cycling
  • Exploring the potential of cycle training for adults
  • Consultation with residents about how to reduce traffic

For information about the full list of actions, please see here.