Thinking Cities magazine #11



Kissmybike is a complex IoT product that detects theft and tracks the bicycle’s location until its successful recovery. Unlike other products, Kissmybike is invisible, chargeless and effective. It features an ultra-compact robust design that allows installation into a bicycle’s construction, hiding it from hand and eye. The combination of smart adaptive algorithms and energy-effcient electronics enables several years of operation on a single charge. The system comprises cutting-edge satellite and mobile technologies in order to accurately track a bicycle’s location in different conditions in the event of theft. Open cloud-based FIWARE infrastructure is intensively used in order to build a scalable and cost-effective solution.


KMB Lab srl was established in 2015 to disrupt the IoT security solutions market. More than 100 person months have been invested to develop an MVP of the first offering – Kissmybike. There is already positive feedback from the market: six companies are trialling the system and one has confirmed an order. In 2018, KMB Lab received the EU’s ‘Seal ofExcellence’ for Kissmybike as recommended for investing. €270k have been raised from public funds.


Dr. Nadya Bobova, Co-founder, CEO
Dr. Ivan Minakov, Co-founder, Head of Electronics Development
Dr. Uladzimir Kharkevich, Cofounder, Head of Software Development
Junior Tonett, Marketing and Sales
Anna Matosova, Industrial Designer