Thinking Cities magazine #11



greenApes is a digital platform, rewarding certified sustainable behaviors and active participation of citizens, customers & employees. The platform, accessible via native mobile apps and web, can be customized by Public administration and Corporates to reward activities of choice (e.g. green mobility, energy savings, volunteering, best practices sharing). greenApes is built to be integrated with third party apps to certify real life eco-friendly behaviours (e.g. carpooling, using green energy, biking or buying organic products). As a rewarding platform greenApes also partners with e-commerces, producers and retailers of eco-friendly products, offering visibility while rewarding people who take care of the planet.


Telocate is a young German technology startup with the ambition to revolutionize the market of indoor localization with Telocate FI-ASSIST. The company is a spin-off from the University of Freiburg and currently consists of nine people.

The team has excellent links to industry and science and is well aware of the needs of the user. Even at its young age, Telocate has earned high reputation from its business idea and market uptake. Among several other awards, Telocate was awarded 2nd place as an ICT-Foundation of the Year 2017.


Giovanni Bajo, Co-founder & Technical Leader
Renato Orsato, Co-founder & CFO
Gregory Eve, Co-founder & CEO
Francesco Zingales, Cofounder & Partnership Director