Thinking Cities magazine #11



FLIWARE is a mobile app addressed to smart passengers who seek to improve, enrich and simplify their “go-to/from/through-the-airport” experience, by making their journey smoother. FLIWARE takes the stress out of travelling by offering a suite of advanced solutions and services. By using FLIWARE, travellers will enhance their: i) management of transfers to/from the airport, through integrated information about the best mobility options; ii) management of leisure time at the airport, by having access to different information; iii) management of check in/boarding time, thanks to real-time information about queue lengths and waiting times for security checks. Beacons deployed in strategic points of the airport building will communicate via Bluetooth with users’ smartphones alerting of special deals or discounts. Location Assistant functionality will be also help users.


ENCO is an innovation & researchconsulting firm based in Naples, active since 1987. Manly specialized in business consulting, it has expanded its range of activities, partaking in national and international R&D&I projects as a facilitator for business, product, technology and process innovation in different industrial areas, as logistics & transport, environmental management, agro-food and energy sector. ENCO manages the architecture design & development of software. The company is also specialised in design and implementation of mobile APPs.


Simona Mincione, Marketing Manager
Marco de la Feld, Business Strategist
Francesco Martella, IT developer