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E-scooter companies see major changes due to virus spread

E-scooters have seen a meteoric rise in cities in recent years. But e-scooter companies are now facing a major threat to their operations from the spread of COVID-19.

In response, companies are announcing a range of measures, including scaling back operations but also in offering support for cities where possible.

However given the nature of the e-scooter business model, companies are facing serious financial conditions.

Voi has paused operations in most cities (with the exception of offering support in Nordic capitals and Gothenburg) and has cuts to staff across its operations. Read more here.

Grüv has announced that it will continue to offer its scooters in its areas of operation, including the free use of scooters for health workers. Read more here.

Lime, one of the largest e-scooter operators, will be suspending its operations in all countries apart from South Korea. Read more here. Lime has also made many employees redundant due to declining income from the virus outbreak.

Spin, which operates in North America, is continuing to offer its e-scooters in many cities to aid local transport systems during this period of reduced public transport demand. Read more here.

Bird have implemented significant redundancies due to declining income from the virus outbreak. Bird has also announced plans to offer free use of their scooters for health workers in their areas of operation. Read more here.

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