Thinking Cities magazine #11



We provide an online reward system to companies and city councils that allows them to reward their employees with gifts for using sustainable means of transport to go to work. Employees register their trips with our tracking app and get points that they can redeem for attractive gifts. We use data to give information about mobility patterns and CO2 reduction to companies and city councils, helping them to design new infrastructures and services. We have created the first online rewarding system for the most common sustainable mobility practices, including walking, cycling, carsharing and public transport. We are the only one rewarding several modes of transport, implementing FIWARE technology to provide services for the Smart City.


Ciclogreen was funded in 2016. We have now customers in more than 40 cities in Spain and Argentina. We closed our first investment round in June 2018 [245.000] and have opened a new investment round of 150.000  to accelerate our organic growth.

Main milestones:

2016: Winner Climate-KIC Accelerator

2016: Winner Final Go App! (Google)

2017: FrontierCities2 [100K grand FEDER]
2018: European Data Incubator (100K grant FEDER)


Gregorio M. Toral, CEO
Andoni Recabarren, COO
José M. Rodríguez, CMO
Francisco José Melgar, CTO
Álvaro Otero, App Developer
Flávio H. Ferreira, Sales Manager