2010 Annual Polis Conference

27 November 2010 Dresden

Conference on Innovation in transport for sustainable cities and regions

The Annual Polis Conference provides an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of city and Regional authorities on innovative transport solutions. The conference offers a mix of high-level plenary sessions, with prominent figures debating topical issues, and a wide selection of technical sessions on innovative topics identified by Polis members.

The main driving themes of this conference range from local to global; they are climate change and the local transport response, the impact of a (global) economic downturn on local transport services, and the vision and political ambition that is required to face these challenges and to maintain innovation.

The 24th edition of the Polis Conference will be hosted by the City of Dresden under the auspices of the Mayor of Dresden and Polis President, Helma Orosz.

Why participate?

Learn about the innovative transport initiatives and future plans of cities and regions to:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of transport;
  • More effectively manage the movement of people and goods;
  • Deliver safer transport;
  • inance transport systems and improve accessibility.

Gain understanding of the research needs for sustainable mobility in cities and regions. Network with local and regional transport decision-makers and officers from around Europe.


Who participates?

  • Transport professionals from public authorities;
  • Decision makers at local, regional, national and EU level;
  • Transport industry;
  • Researchers