Smart cities

The “smart city” concept is far more than just a buzzword. Today, the interdependencies between sectors such as transport, energy, urban planning, environment, and health are stronger and more relevant than ever. For this reason, cities are developing operational tools to better plan and manage the urban territory and improve the quality of life of citizens.

POLIS promotes the role of innovation in urban mobility to make European cities smarter. The EU is addressing the challenges to make cities smarter through different instruments: research and innovation (Horizon2020), policy development and community building (European Innovation Partnership Smart Cities and Communities) and financial support (European Investment Bank, Connecting Europe Facility and EFSI).

Polis is involved in the European Innovation Partnership – Smart Cities and Communities Marketplace . Several Polis members are involved in the Marketplace and are partner in Smart Cities and Communities Lighthouse projects.

Several POLIS members are pioneers in the field of smart cities. Their experiences and best practices have the potential to guide and inspire other cities and region towards the same path. POLIS facilitates and promotes such exchanges in the Working Group on Governance.

In November 2015, POLIS published a position paper on “Sustainable Urban Mobility and the Smart City”. The paper highlights the role of urban mobility stakeholders in the co-creation of the Smart City and in the pursuit of Smart City objectives, providing recommendations for future EU action in this regard.

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