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SULPiTER Enlarged Transfer Programme Call now open!

07 August 2017

The SULPiTER project is designed to improve urban freight mobility planning in Central Europe. The SULPiTER Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) aims at developing a direct dialogue with at least 20 non partner authorities.

SULPiTER supports policy makers in 7 Functional Urban Areas in improving their understanding of freight phenomena in order to enable them to develop and adopt their own Sustainabel Urban Logistics Plan (SULP).

SULPiTER has now opened a call for its Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) targeted at Central European Organisations, but also non-CE organization. The training offers the chance to have insights on the knowledge developed on SULPs, participation to online webinars and events across Europe.

You can find more information on the call on SULPiTER’s webpage.

If you are interested in participating in the proposed programme and you are looking for opportunities to increase your knowledge and operational capacities towards SULP development, please apply online at the following URL:

The deadline for applying is September 15th, 2017. For further information please contact