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Feedback sought on C-ITS deployment roadmap for cities

16 February 2017

The EU project on C-ITS and cities, CIMEC, has now published a draft of the C-ITS Roadmap for European Cities. The Roadmap draws on an extensive consultation process with both city stakeholders and the ITS industry, and presents a practical and realistic view of how the urban C-ITS environment is likely to develop over the next 5-10 years.

The Roadmap is intended to reflect a consensus view, that enables cities to plan for their future use of C-ITS in a way that yields real benefit at low risk; enables the industry to develop products on a timescale that is likely to meet a meaningful market demand; and enables policymakers to understand and address the residual challenges in achieving a coherent deployment of locally-relevant C-ITS across Europe.

The project team is therefore keen to expose the draft Roadmap to the widest possible review. Please take a moment to download it and give us your thoughts, even (especially!) if you disagree with something we have said. Feedback should be provided to Mark Cartwright by 15 March 2017.

Please note: in order to simplify review, the Roadmap has been prepared at three levels of detail: a full report (81 pages plus cover), a summary report (13 pages) and a one-page “flyer” (EnglishGermanSpanish) suitable for senior staff.