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"Electromobility in practice – solutions, experiences & lessons learnt" - Joint CleanMobilEnergy & SEEV4-City Electromobility Workshop

17 October 2018 Paris, France

This workshop "Electromobility in practice – solutions, experiences & lessons learnt" is organised jointly by Interreg projects CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City. The workshop is open to local authorities, energy providers, and electromobility stakeholders. The event is organised back-to-back with AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit in Paris.

Two European INTERREG projects CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City which are currently working in electromobility, smart grids, vehicle to grid, and renewable energy are organising a joint workshop on 17 October 2018 in Paris.

The Joint Workshop will look at:

  • City dialogue session: Electromobility charging infrastructure and smart energy management technology solutions piloted across European cities.
  • Expert discussion in small groups among public authorities and other electromobility experts on:
    • City needs & requirements;
    • Intelligent Energy Management System;
    • Social and societal acceptance;
    • Policy context ;
    • Business models;
    • EU legal aspects
  • Business models and policy recommendations

A draft of the programme can be viewed here.


"Electromobility roll-out in Cities" roundtable at AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit, 18 October 2018

On 18 October 2018 Polis will organise a dedicated session on "Electromobility roll-out in cities" during AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit in Paris.

Representatives of the public and private sector will exchange their views and ideas about responsibilities and roles of the different actors involved in deplyoing electromobility solutions and powering alternative mobilty offers (carshare) with sustainable energy, main challenges associated with peak energy demand in cities and smart energy demand management technology, and best solutions to adop in urban areas.


  • Registrations to the joint workshop "Electromobility in practice – solutions, experiences & lessons learnt" on 17 October are open! Please use the Registration link
  • To attend the roundtable "E-mobility roll-out in cities" at AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit, registration to the Summit is mandatory. City and policymakers are eligible for a free ticket. To get a free pass, register here.

More information

CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City are two projects funded respectively by the Interreg North-West Europe and North Sea Region Programmes. They are piloting Smart Energy Management Systems integrating renewable energy and electric vehicles across 10 sites in norther Europe.

Find out more on the two project websites at  CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City