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POLIS Urban Mobility Breakfast

19 September 2017 Brussels

Polis hosted a breakfast meeting in Brussels to discuss its newest discussion paper: "Mobility as a Service: What's the role of cities and regions?"

Thank you to all colleagues who joined us for Polis' Urban Mobility Breakfast on Tuesday 19/9 to discuss views on Mobility as a Service/MaaS while having a warm drink and a croissant.


Panel discussion on following key themes:

  • Haven’t city and regional transport authorities been delivering MaaS for many years?
  • To what extent is MaaS different from the integrated transport planning and payment platforms that exist today in many cities?
  • What role should local/regional transport authorities play in MaaS developments?

An online live survey tool was used to collect the audience's opinion on some key questions, see answers below.


For more information or to send your organisation's views on MaaS please contact Suzanne Hoadley,