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C-ITS workshop on I2V message architecture for long-term road works

17 October 2017 Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

CODECS and the Amsterdam Group invite interested stakeholders to a workshop on I2V Message Architecture for Long-Term Road Works Warning (and beyond). It takes place on Tuesday, 17 October 2017, at the premises of the Federal Highway Research Institute (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen, BASt) in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

The aim for this open technical workshop is to find common ground for the message architecture for Long Term Roadworks. In recent years the Day One C-ITS service Short Term Road Works Warning (ST-RWW) has been shaped into a workable and widely supported message set. The next phase for the service Road Works Warning is the incorporation of Long Term Road Works Warning (LT-RWW).

Early investigations have concluded that the ST-RWW message set can only be used for a small part of the full LT-RWW spectrum. To be able to transcode 99% of all RWW situation a more diverse message set is needed, e.g. by using IVI and/or MAP alongside DENM. As identified at earlier workshops, this immediately introduces new challenges such as duplicate or contradictory information. By sharing current thoughts on this, and collaborating in a one-day workshop we aim to progress towards a common solution for handling multiple message sets (from various SDO’s) at once. The relevance of this goes well beyond the example case of this workshop, LT-RWW. Reflecting this scope, the workshop will consist of the following building blocks:

  • Introduction of the challenge,
  • Understanding the primary purpose of message sets (e.g. DENM, IVI and MAP),
  • Defining principles for a common message architecture.

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