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Polis-EPA working group meeting (27 April 2017)

27 April 2017 Polis office, Rue du Trône 98, 1050 Brussels

Polis and EPA join forces to discuss parking issues in cities. The joint working group will meet on the 27th of April in Brussels. On the agenda: parking and urban planning, enforcement and the role of parking apps. Registrations are open!

On the 27th of April, Polis and EPA will have the second joint working group meeting in Brussels. The working group will be chaired by Olivier Asselin of Lille Métropole.

The topics that will be discussed in the working group are:

  • The relation between parking and urban planning: cities change when parking policies are adapted. An important measure in this regard are standards for parking related to building permits. Cities experiment with car free housing, install gradients in parking standards depending on access to public transport, ... How can we make sure we 'build to last', event in a context of changing car technologies and new mobility services?
  • Enforcement: Automatic License Plate Recognition seems to take over Europe when it comes to parking enforcement technologies. Are there disadvantages? What are legal barriers? Can small towns deploy the technology as well?
  • Parking apps: how do cities work with and respond to parking apps that unlock existing private parking offer to the market?
  • EPA-Polis parking events 2017: EPA congress 2017, Polis Annual Conference 2017, working group outputs.

To register for the working group and download the agenda, click here.

We are also collecting expressions of interest to present on the topics mentioned. If you would have an interesting experience on the topics mentioned, feel free to contact or explain in the comments box at the registration form.