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Urban Freight Workshop for SUMP Award finalists

21 March 2017 Brussels

"Planning safer urban freight: Safer trucks and technologies to protect pedestrians and cyclists" is the title of this half-day workshop.

The European Commission scheduled to review the EU General Safety Regulation (GSR) in 2017. Cities, but also other road safety stakeholders, request to prioritize the safety of vulnerable road users when making a proposal for new safety standards.

Polis organised this workshop to exchange with city and regional representatives on measures that make trucks in cities less dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

The event takes place following the SUMP Award Ceremony on 20 March in Brussels and as part of the European Mobility Week (EMW) Workshops.

Agenda items include:

  • Safer trucks with direct vision (or: “How many mirrors and cameras is a driver able to look at?”)
  • The EU General Safety Regulation (GSR)
  • Two new technologies for safer freight vehicles: Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) and Pedestrian and Cyclists detection

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