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Polis workshop on the best of Dutch cycling culture

25 April 2016 Brussels, Belgium

Polis organised a workshop featuring our Dutch members as European leaders in cycling on Monday, April 25th. The event aimed at presenting innovations in the field of cycling for other cities and regions in Europe to learn from.

This year promises to be very exciting for cycling!

During the Dutch presidency of the Council of the EU, the Netherlands is offering a Cycling Festival to Europe, providing a stage to the growing cycling culture in European cities and countries. Several activities will be organized or sponsored by the Dutch Embassies throughout capitals in EU countries in cooperation with local stakeholders. With the Cycling Festival Europe, the Dutch will show how much fun, efficient and healthy cycling is, either for recreational purposes of for commuting to work and school.

In the wake of the Cycling Festival Europe 2016, Polis have invited all our Dutch members to gather in Brussels and present their innovations in the field of cycling for other cities and regions in Europe to learn from.


The workshop took place on Monday, April 25th, from 12:00 PM to 04:30 PM.

The programme is available, click here.


Presentations and video links can be found below:

>>> Video link : Cycling Festival Europe "Let's go cycling" Movie <<<

  • Introduction to the workshop, Florinda Boschetti, Environment and Health in Transport pillar leader, Polis

>>> Video link <<< The Netherlands have give the World what we think is the greatest innovation, after the invention of the bicycle ;-)

All right, it was a joke! But the following images and videos show us real innovative cycling projects which are available all year round!

>>> Video link : Utrecht Centraal : worlds largest bicycle parking facility <<<

>>> Video link : We all cycle 1080p <<<

>>> Video link : Velo-city 2017: The freedom of cycling <<<

For information, please contact: Florinda Boschetti,, phone +32 2 500 56 74