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Training Workshop on Personalised Travel Planning

18 November 2015 Brussels

The PTP-Cycle training workshop will offer free advice and support to local and regional authorities, businesses and NGOs on how to set up Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) projects, and engage in direct conversations with citizens to encourage travel behaviour change.

The training workshop “Tools and methodologies to develop Personalised Travel Plans in workplaces, universities and residential settings” will take place on Wednesday, 18 November 2015, in Brussels, Belgium.

NEW STARTING TIME: 9:30 - 15:00

Participants will be able to:

  • Learn the principles and practice of setting up and delivering effective PTP projects in different settings (residential, workplaces and universities)
  • Discover PTP tools and resources and learn how to use them to suit local context
  • Hear from people with first-hand experience of delivering PTP
  • Find out about current and prospective European funding opportunities for PTP projects

The English-language workshop is open to local and regional authorities, businesses and NGOs.

The final agenda can be viewed here.

For more information please contact or visit PTP-Cycle:


Registration is open until Friday, 13 November 2015. Please fill in the form below.

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  • Public events for personalised travel planning in Riga (Latvia)

    The city of Riga is implementing personalised travel planning (PTP) aimed to affect a behaviour change away from private cars to sustainable modes such as cycling, walking and public transport. The target audience in phase 1 was households in two neighbourhoods and public events, but it was public events which proved much more successful as a means to engage people.

    Environment and Health in Transport
    31 March 2015
  • Personalised travel planning to boost walking and cycling in Haringey (UK)

    In summer 2014 Haringey Council, along with five other European cities, delivered Phase 1 of their PTP-Cycle project. Some 5 000 households and 500 local residents were contacted at home or at public events and offered Personalised Travel Planning (PTP) to help them switch solo car journeys to more sustainable modes.

    Environment and Health in Transport
    06 May 2015
  • Increasing walking and cycling in Greenwich through personalised travel planning (UK)

    In summer 2014 London’s Greenwich council delivered Phase 1 of their PTP-Cycle project. Some 5,000 households and 270 local residents were contacted within their homes or at local events and offered travel advise to help them switch their solo car journeys to more sustainable modes.

    Environment and Health in Transport
    24 June 2015
  • Personal meetings increase walking and cycling among University of Ljubljana staff (Slovenia)

    In Spring 2014, employees of four faculties of the University of Ljubljana were invited to one-to-one meetings to discuss ways that their daily commute could be improved - a process known as personalised travel planning (PTP). Through the PTP, the University saw an increase in walking and cycling, and also raised the number of staff members considering a reduction in their car use.

    Environment and Health in Transport
    09 July 2015
  • PTP-Cycle project Final report

    The PTP-Cycle project produced a final report rich with facts and figures about personalised travel plans (PTP) delivery in four different target groups in Antwerp, Burgos, Ljubljana, London (Haringey and Greenwich) and Riga. This publication presents the outcomes and lessons learned from the demonstrations to inspire other cities and mobility stakeholders to deliver PTP programmes of their own.

    Environment and Health in Transport
    24 March 2016