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ICT-Emissions Final Conference “Quantifying the Effect of Intelligent Transport Systems on CO2 Emissions from Road Transportation”

31 March 2015 Brussels, Belgium

ICT-Emissions project will come to an end in March 2015. Project results and recommendations will be presented to an expert audience at a Final Conference on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 in Brussels.

ICT-Emissions has developed a novel methodology and has validated tools to evaluate the impact of ICT-related transport measures on mobility, vehicle energy consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicle fleets at the local scale by combining traffic and emission modelling at micro and macro scales.

The project has used existing commercial models and has fine-tuned them to simulate the impacts of ICT measures. This activity was accompanied by real-world experiments to validate the performance and the accuracy of the methodology.

Contribution to Horizon 2020 projects

ICT-Emissions products are a response to the current Horizon 2020 work programme “11 Smart, green and integrated transport” calling for innovation in the transport area aimed to minimise the transport systems' impact on climate and on air pollution, and to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

A detailed overview of how ICT-Emissions aligns with Horizon 2020's objectives and what the project can contribute to the environmental and climate assessment in the transport area can be found here.

Conference programme

The ICT-Emissions Final Conference will focus on:

  • results from specific real-world application cases in selected cities where ITS measures are deployed;
  • how to develop synergies and common standards for local traffic management;
  • ITS products development and market penetration.

The conference agenda can be found here.

The workshop is free of charge and open to local authorities, automotive manufactures, system suppliers, software companies, and academia.


Venue: c/o Polis, rue due Trone 98, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium.

Time: Tuesday, 31 March 2015, from 10:00 to 15:00.


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  • ICT-Emissions Final Conference Agenda 31-03-2015

    Agenda ICT-Emissions Final Conference “Quantifying the Effect of Intelligent Transport Systems on CO2 Emissions from Road Transportation” on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 in Brussels.

    Environment and Health in Transport | Mobility and Traffic Efficiency
    06 March 2015