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Polis Environment & Health Working Group meeting on Health and Transport

19 September 2013 Brussels

The Polis Environment & Health Working Group organised a meeting on health and transport on 19 September 2013 in Brussels.

The meeting gathered representatives from public authorities and experts in health, city planning, environment and transport from Europe. Experts from the WHO and United States joined the meeting via web conferencing.

This meeting looked at ways how to integrate the health dimension in local transport policies, and best practices to promote cycling and walking in cities.

The meeting opened with a presentation on the EU air quality regulation and the role of cities, including solutions in London. Followed by presentations of THE PEP-the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme, including the cooperation Polis-THE PEP and the preparation of THE PEP 4th High-level meeting in April 2014 in Paris during Transport Reserach Arena (TRA).

At roundtable experts from Sustrans, WHO, LEPT, London Borough of Hunslow and the French Ministry of Sustainable Development talked cobenefits of transport policies involving health, initiatives at the EU level that could support the integration of the health aspect in transport policies, and how to create incentives at the local level.

The afternoon session opened with a presentation on perceptions and policies on walking in cities, followed by plans and projects to promote active travel in Brussels and Gdynia, the link betweek cycling and health, and application of HEAT. Presentation from the U.S. fucused on a comprehensive approach to health in regional transportation planning, including a concrete example from the Nashville area.

The agenda can be viewed here. Links to the presentations are given below.


For more information, please contact Florinda Boschetti.