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Second Joint EPA-Polis Parking Workshop

20 September 2012 Helsinki

How can we be better? Improving quality of parking management to manage and balance urban transport demand.

At the second Joint EPA-Polis Parking Workshop, parking experts will try to answer the question how quality in parking management can be improved in order to better manage and balance urban transport demand.

Three issues are discussed:

  • The improvement of urban transport policies that impact on parking management: What does the EU plan in this regard? What does the science and research tell us about the way ahead?
  • The improvement of the practice of parking planning, with case studies from Helsinki (SF), Gent (BE) and Sweden.
  • Improved operations and enforcement, with confirmed contributions from Utrecht (NL), DENCO SA (GR), the Norwegian and British Parking Assocation.

This event is aimed at the main stakeholders in the urban parking policies:

  • urban and transport planners,
  • local authorities representatives,
  • parking operators and service providers,
  • anyone who sees the value of parking as a tool to manage transport.

Registration is free of charge and possible until 13 September.

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