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Parking and behaviour: Polis-CROW-EPA Workshop

Parking and behaviour: Polis, CROW and EPA invite you to a joint workshop

On Tuesday afternoon 19 September, Polis, CROW and EPA organize a workshop on parking and behavior in Rotterdam.

Parking policy is an important part of the traffic and transport policy and greatly affects the livability, accessibility and vitality of our cities and villages. Parking policy is one of the most effective means of influencing mobility behavior. For this, numerous measures are possible, one more effective than the other, depending on the context.

The afternoon is structured along the lines of the CROW toolbox 'Parking and behavior'. All relevant knowledge in the area of parking and behavior has been summarized and structured in this toolbox. More than 500 literature sources and experts have been consulted. The conclusions of this activity and the toolbox are introduced and illustrated by European (including Southend on Sea, Lille and Leuven) and Dutch cases (including the municipalities of The Hague and Utrecht).

This afternoon is organized for urban parking professionals. The event takes place the day before the EPA Congress in Rotterdam. Participants in this conference are specifically invited to attend this workshop. The working language is English.

The final program is available here.

Links to the presentations are given below:

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