Workshop on exploitation of FOT results, 28 November 2011

FOT-Net stakeholders’ workshops provide a forum for cooperation, discussion and information exchange, addressing FOT issues that have been identified as of high-priority to the stakeholders. Public authorities are seen as a major stakeholder both in terms of taking part in FOT projects and making use of the results coming from the FOTs.

The theme of the 6th Stakeholders workshop is “Exploitation of FOT results”. At their start FOT projects usually define an exploitation plan that draws attention to the value of the FOT, defines how to get the most out of the findings, how to make the results live beyond the end of the FOT and ultimately make the link with ITS deployment.

In this edition of the Stakeholders workshop:

  • Stakeholders from within and outside the FOT community will discuss their specific expectations from FOT results and how it is ensured that they can exploit the results.
  • Examples of exploitation plans of FOTs will be presented and existing processes of transferring the results will be discussed.
  • Stakeholders will draw recommendations towards the sustainability of FOT results and how past experience can be capitalised.

Further information about the workshop can be found on the FOT-Net website.