Workshop on Climate Change and Urban Planning, 11th-12th October, Wuppertal, Germany

A SUD PLAN workshop will offer urban planners the opportunity to learn about the SUD PLAN tool.

The SUDPLAN tool allows to use global and regional climate model results –
this without the need to be an expert on climate change yourself - together with your
own local data, thereby improving the future projections of precipitation, temperature,
hydrological conditions and air quality in your city. You can also integrate your local
models into the system and use its advanced visualization techniques.

For preliminary registration, please send an email to: with copy to

If you want to test SUDPLAN Common Services urban downscaling for your own
city, see the webpage and the requirement of input data to the left.

Then add the message “Interested to try SUDPLAN downscaling with data from my own city” in your registration eMail and we will try to conduct
individual demonstrations.

More information to attend the workshop is available at :