WHO launched stakeholder consultation on "Environment and Health for European Cities in the 21st century: making a difference"

The theme of “Cities” and local governments in relation to environment and health issues has been identified by Member States of the WHO European Region as one of the priority areas to be explored in view of the development of the future environment and health agenda for Europe.

The scope of this meeting was to convene a Steering Group consisting of:

  • Representatives of Cities networks and NGOs: Polis, ICLEI, Eurocities, WHO Healthy Cities, WHO Regions for Health, NGO Earth Forever Foundation, EEHYC European Environment and Health Youth Coalition;
  • Inter-governmental Organizations and Agencies: WHO, WHO Collaborating Centre on Urban Environment, UNECE, UNEP, UN-Habitat, European Environmental Agency, EU Committee of the Regions;
  • and interested Member States: Austria, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Norway and Slovenia

to review and advise on the further development of a document on “Environment and Health for European Cities in the 21st century: making a difference”. This will be part of the supportive background documentation of the sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health.

The document will take stock of an analysis of the main environment and health challenges faced by European cities and of an analysis of existing initiatives and partnerships. On this basis, the document will:

  • identify and propose a scope for the engagement of the European Environment and Health Process with Cities and local authorities;
  • define the value added of the proposed new partnerships for both Cities and the Environment and Health Process. The EHP is an international policy platform, which since 1989 brings together the Ministries of Health and Environment of the 53 Member States of the WHO European Region to address environment and health challenges through intersectoral policies;
  • and identify policy and technical areas which would be amenable to collaboration and partnership.

For more inforamation, please contact: Florinda Boschetti,