VeloCittà 1st European Bike Sharing Conference in Rotterdam on 30 November 2016

VeloCittà welcomes an audience of people with a specific interest in bike sharing: city representatives as well as scholars, cycling experts and bike share operators from around Europe.

The programme starts at 10:00 with an overview of lessons learnt and services offered by VeloCittà and a welcome address of Rotterdam’s Vice Mayor for Mobility, followed by experiences from VeloCittà cities and key note speeches by renowned experts from the bikesharing field.

An “Eat & Learn” interactive working lunch for city representatives only will focus on tendering and contractual issues related to bike sharing and will close the conference. Non-city participants will be offered a non-moderated networking lunch.

Throughout the afternoon and the following two days of the Polis conference, there will be continuous opportunities to have one-on-one private talks with exhibiting bike sharing operators and other bike share service providers.

For registrations and more information: