Utrecht joins the European Healthy Cities Network

Most residents in Utrecht are healthy and health is further increased in recent years. But not everyone benefits from this, and there are still obvious differences between neighborhoods. Utrecht is actively seeking cooperation to work with other regional (including RIVM, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), national and international partners aimed at reducing health disparities. The importance to monitor good health and to invest in smart solutions is increasing here.

Due to the rapid growth of the city and the increasingly complex society, Utrecht wants to have lasting good developments that affect the health of the city and its inhabitants. Utrecht is the healthiest (big) city of the Netherlands and the fastest growing city in the country. The city stands out because it successfully rapid urbanization and economic growth combined with healthy living.

With membership in the WHO Healthy Cities Network Utrecht wants to share international knowledge with other cities. The city wants to work at smarter solutions for healthy urban development. For example, a good balance between green, open space, transportation and air quality.

The WHO European Healthy Cities Network is a network of cities with a strong focus on health and sustainable development. About 100 cities in 30 countries are connected with Rotterdam as any other Dutch city. Rotterdam is the only other Dutch city also part of the urban network.