Utrecht: congestion bonus works!

A large scale study has investigated the results of the "Spitsvrij" scheme. At this moment, the project creates €5m of societal benefits, such as travel time reductions, less road accidents, less energy use and CO2, improvement of air quality etc. 

The scheme targets 5000 participants which cause a reduction of 3000 cars less in peak hour traffic. The Dutch A28 highway sees the highest reduction, but the effect is more substantial on those roads where "Spitsvrij" manages to keep traffic volumes just below saturation levels (i.e. the A1 and A27). 

The scheme "Spitsvrij" will end this year. Expectations are that a prolongation of the project will see even better results, because investments will be used for a longer period. The competent authorities are currently investigation an extension of the scheme.  

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