University of Dresden evaluates road electrification for heavy trucks

Dresden's Technical University elaborates the feasibility to electrify freight transport by setting up overhead line equipment on main roads jointly with Siemens AG. Reference is the rail sector with its overhead line equipment. Intersections and the “last mile” shall be covered by fuel engines or saved electrical drive power. This technology had already been developed and demonstrated in the first ENUBA project and will be further refined and evaluated from an economic, ecological and safety point of view in ENUBA 2. In addition to technical details, safety and security questions will be addressed as well as noise, psychological impacts, set up, maintenance and legal aspects.

ENUBA 2 kicked off in May 2012 and will run until mid-2014. 15 Million Euros have been made available for the current phase of the research project by the German federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.