Transferring Best Practices on Urban Freight: SUGAR final events

The SUGAR Enlarged Transfer Programme (ETP) established a dialogue with additional cities and regions outside the project that were interested in the process of establishing city logistics programmes. The Brussels Region, Gent and Hasselt in Flanders and the municipalities of Glasgow and Hampshire, all Polis members, joined the programme in 2009. A final event for these sites was organized based on the training guide material prepared by the city of Barcelona. This guide provides an overview of up to 40 measures presented during the SUGAR train-the-trainer events.

SUGAR also held its Final Conference presenting the main results of the project, including the ‘City Logistics Best Practices handbook for authorities’. In this, 44 urban freight related measures and its key aspects for transferability are anlaysed. A round table on policy and actions for city logistics was also organised.


The events presentations and project results will be soon available at the project website  


For more information, please contact Gabriela Barrera