Tools and news to reduce noise in city environments

The European CityHush project supports city administrations with the development and implementation of noise action plans according to the directive EC 2002/49. Noise action plans made with existing technology suffer from major shortcomings: there is a poor correlation between hot spots and annoyance and complaints, most measures lead to increased emissions, and only indoor noise comfort is addressed.

Newsletter about tools under development

In order to reduce noise in city environments, CityHush develops suitable problem identification and evaluation tools and designs noise reduction solutions for hot spots that show a high correlation with annoyance and complaints.

An update on the CityHush solutions and tools under development has been published in the 2nd CityHush newsletter. Topics include:

  • Acoustically green city areas
  • Refined Noise Rating Model for Residents
  • Modified test method for type approval electric vehicles
  • Sound of road traffic in the future
  • Optimized road texture for low noise road pavements
  • Vibrations mitigation by isolating screens
  • EC proposal to amend legislation on noise emissions of vehicles

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Seminar on 23 November 2011 in Brussels

Now that the project is halfway, intermediate results will be shared in its first seminar on Wednesday 23 November in Brussels. Topics cover Q-zones, noise score rating models, low-noise vehicles, low-noise road surfaces, and noise barriers. The seminar targets urban transport noise experts from the industry, research and public sector, registration is still possible.

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