Three Polis members receive SUM Campaign funding

Ghent's Transit Authority has developed a targeted campaign during the sales period. This is traditionally a very busy period, with inevitable traffic jams, and cars queuing up to capture the very last free parking place in the city centre. The campaign will target citizens and city visitors with the aim to promote sustainable travel during shopping period in December 2012. Poster will be displayed on buses, at public transport stops and in shops. The campagn will also make large use of the social media, radios and newspapers to reach a wider audience.

The city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, intends to change the citizens' travel behaviour and encourage car sharing, with an aim to reduce car journeys and on-street parking. The unique concept of the campaign is the co-operation with current car sharers and the target group itself (post-motorists, i.e. citizens who deal with life-changing moments). Several actions will take place in neighbourhoods where the target group is common, such as a road show with shared cars and different performances.

This selected campaing in the city of Cork, Ireland, is an initiative by Cork Environmental, in partnership, to promote more sustainablemodes of transport by encouraging people to mix their mode of transport during March. The aim being that through positive experiences in doing so that people would continue changed behaviour patterns in how they get to and from school, work, the shops or the gym etc. The initiative will run for the month of March 2013 and will primarily be focused on Cork city and surburban areas suchas bus and train commuter routes. There will be targeted initiatives each week with some complementary eventshappening throughout the month to boost profile and engage with “Mix Your Mode”.

The second ‘Call for Proposals’, which will be launched early March 2013 to co-finance actions taking place between July and December 2013.

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