The recently finished DELIVER demonstrator vehicle for clean urban delivery continues touring

The DELIVER project is a three year program (started in November 2011) to design and demonstrate an electric urban delivery vehicle. The vehicle aims at demonstrating advances in efficiency, performance, driver ergonomics and lightweight construction for low volume production. The vehicle will show how to significantly limit EMC exposure of occupants and pedestrians.

Purpose designing has resulted in a concept for a highly efficient vehicle, specifically for intense urban delivery use. Furthermore, the vehicle has excellent performance in terms of range, acceleration, grade ability and top speed.

The results show:

  • A vehicle which is at least 40 % more efficient than existing delivery vehicles.
  • A vehicle purpose designed around the urban delivery operation and driver.
  • An advanced all electric drivetrain, with in wheel, 2 speed motors (from Michelin) and an advanced Lithium battery (from Cadem and Mobit) giving excellent vehicle performance in all traffic conditions and high efficiency.
  • A flexible load space with a rotating passenger side, cab rear bulkhead and no B post giving a full vehicle length payload space and a completely opening, large bodyside loading aperture.

The vehicle will be exposed at the following events:

  • EMC Europe 2014, 01-04 Spetember 2014, Gothenburg (Sweden).
  • Aachen Body Engineering Days, 23-24 September 2014, Aachen (Germany).
  • DELIVER - Design and Build-Up of an Electric Light Commercial Vehicle for Urban Delivery, ATZ Worldwide, Issue 09/2014, Springer Automotive Media, Wiesbaden (Germany).
  • Aachen Colloquium Vehicle and Engine Technology, 05-06 October 2014, Aachen (Germany).

For more information on the DELIVER demonstrator vehicle, please visit the website: or contact Cleo Davies:

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