The first POSSE newsletter explains what open ITS standards are and where in Europe they are applied

The first issue of the POSSE newsletter is now available. The newsletter makes all those not yet aware of what POSSE is about acquainted with the project's objectives and its main outputs – the Good Practice Guidelines, the Implementation Plans for the transfer sites, and the benefits of open ITS systems and specifications. POSSE is, however, more than its final deliverables. POSSE is also about capacity building and wider awareness-raising of open ITS systems and specifications and the newsletter makes this clear.

This issue starts the series of POSSE newsletters with an answer to the crucial for the project questions - "What is ITS and where can you find ITS standards and specifications?” and presents the two existing open approaches in Europe – the OCIT/OTS Initiative and UTMC. Finally, you can learn about the current ITS systems of two of the project's partners – Klaipeda and Burgos.

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