"Team Polis" cycling in Dresden

The Stradtradeln is organised by Klimabündnis, and won the 2011 Sustainable Energy Week Award under the Category 'travelling'. The campaign challenges local authorities to set an example by choosing to cycle instead of drive. This year, 56 German cities defined a three-week-period during which people who live and work in the city will cycle as many kilometers as possible by bike. The trips are input into an online "bike calendar". 

Dresden started its three-week period on September 16 (at the beginning of mobility week), and will finish on the 6th October. With more than 1.600 participants (more than in any other city) and already over 150.000km cycled, hopes are high to put Dresden at the top of the rankings.

Within Dresden, people are gathered into different teams, and Antje Beutekamp from the City of Dresden captains "Team POLIS".

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