SYNAPTIC Roundtable on January 30th, in Brussels in the Offices of Polis

SYNAPTIC is the cluster project from Interreg4B NWE on seamless mobility.

The theme of this roundtable is:

"What can we learn from adjoining industries and sectors that can facilitate a seamless and attractive travel experience for the multi-modal passenger journey of the future?"

This event is organized in cooperation by SYNAPTIC and Polis.

Four keynote speakers will enrich our ideas and contribute to an exchange of information and discussion amongst experts from the industry, cities, passenger and transport world and from the European institutions.

The following topics will be adressed:

  • planning, booking, 
  • paying a seamless journey,
  • navigation, 
  • real-time travel information,
  • liability issues,
  • the links behind the scene.

Enriching the SYNAPTIC vision by your thoughts and ideas will help us deliver our message for a future seamless mobility to the European Institutions.

You can register by sending an email with your name, position, organisation and address to Emeline Giard at

For more information, visit the Synaptic website or contact Delia Mitcan at