SYNAPTIC Awards for Excellence in Seamless Mobility: Call for Entries

How to enter: Submit a description of your initiative in the form of an Eltis case study here (note you must create a log-in to enter). Eligibility: all case studies fitting under the 3 categories below and submitted to Eltis between 1 January 2011 and 31 January 2012 are eligible to win.

1. The best multimodal door-to-door travel solution (Eltis category: Intermodality)
2. The best public transport solution (Eltis category: Collective passenger transport)
3. The best development process or implementation of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (Eltis category: Transport planning)

Entry deadline: 31 January 2012 (If your case study was published on Eltis in one of these categories anytime in 2011, you don’t need to enter again; you are automatically eligible).

The awards will be granted based on the following criteria:
• Innovation (in all its forms)
• Effectiveness
• Cost effectiveness/value for money
• Level and quality of stakeholder involvement
• Sustainability
• Impact on climate (CO2 reduction)
• Appropriateness to the local context
• Leads to or demonstrates seamless mobility

Prizes: The winner in each category will receive free travel, accommodation and registration to the ECOMM conference in Frankfurt, Germany (12-15 June 2012) for a representative of the organisation responsible for the activity described in each winning entry as well as Europe-wide recognition of the winning initiatives.

For further information:
Bonnie Fenton, SYNAPTIC Awards Coordinator
+49-(0)221-60 60 55 23